Welcome! I’m Suzanne Dibble, the Small Business Legal Advice, UK.


If you’re a small business owner, you are in the right place!

How can I help you?

I’m making business law for small business owners less daunting, more relevant and more accessible.

I’m here to save you thousands and thousands of pounds in helping you to avoid hugely expensive mistakes AND to help you make thousands and thousands of pounds in putting structures in place to help you grow your business and ultimately realise a capital value on the sale of your business to reward you for all of your hard work.

But more than that, I’m here to take away that “uneasy” feeling (or sheer downright panic…) that you have when dealing with business law or wondering what you are missing about business law. Yes, with me on your side, you can sleep easy at night.

Do you as a small business owner avoid legal issues?

I know that as a small business owner, you are likely to be reluctant to use a “traditional” lawyer – you more than likely think that they will over-complicate things, use jargon that you can’t understand and above all will cost a fortune.

So as a result, you may just put your head in the sand and hope that legal matters won’t be an issue. That’s not a winning strategy.  The recent Legal Services Board Survey shows the extent of the impact on small businesses of legal matters, so if you are putting your head in the sand, you are playing a dangerous game.

Here is a better option

I want to give you another option. A way to make it easy for you to be proactive about growing and protecting your business – without it costing you a fortune and without it being complicated and scary.

Through my flagship programme and resources center, the Small Business Legal Academy, I have helped hundreds of small business owners do just that.

I have used my broad ranging top quality legal experience (from working with Richard Branson and on billion pound deals to advising micro businesses on their day to day legal issues), together with my commercial experience (board director of a 9 figure business and creator of my own successful legal practice) to create a ground-breaking online programme and resources centre that will enable you to be pro-active about managing your legal risk so that you aren’t hit by any nasty surprises.

My Law Society Award for Solicitor of the Year

You can also see a photo of me winning an award for the Law Society’s Solicitor of the Year as a result of the pioneering work I am doing with small business owners by clicking here.

Let’s keep in touch

If you don’t need my help right now, let’s keep in touch until you do – just check out my social media page to see how we can connect on your favoured social media platform. And don’t forget to check out my free report on the “6 Essentials You Need to Protect your Small Business” that you can find at the top of this page.

Until then – all the very best!

Suzanne Dibble

Suzanne Dibble